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Pennsylvania Pentastars Monthly Newsletter
MARCH  2004


President                 Stan   Laskowski         (570)  342-4091

Vice President        Gene  Solovey              (570)  474-0975

Secretary                Anne  Hastie                 (570)  388-2740

Treasurer                Dave  Hastie                 (570)  388-2740

                                    Editor                      We Still Need a Newsletter Editor





Dates to remember for Pa Pentastars Car Club Activities


March  13th       Car Club participates in Scranton St Patricks Day Parade.

( Saturday )       Meet at Redners Supermarket 7th ave Scranton  9am


March 20th         Family Bowling night at Green Ridge Lanes in Scranton            

(Saturday)          from 9:00pm to 12:00 midnight.


April 4th            Next Car Club meeting at Stan Laskowskis house 1:30pm



April 24th          Pa Pentastars  first cruise of the year at Arena Billiards 3512 Birney   

( Saturday )       Ave. Moosic ( next to K Mart  Birney Plaza )  6 to 9pm                   


May  16th           Pa Pentastars 9th Annual Car Show at The Carriage Inn, Tunkhannock

( Sunday )


May  22nd          Pa Pentastars  cruise  at Arena Billiards 3512 Birney Ave. Moosic  

( Saturday )       ( next to K Mart  Birney Plaza )  6 to 9pm                    


June  19th          Pa Pentastars  cruise  at Arena Billiards 3512 Birney Ave. Moosic  

( Saturday )       ( next to K Mart  Birney Plaza )  6 to 9pm                   


July  9th 11th   Chryslers at Carlisle


See attached March 7th  meeting notes for more details









   PA Pentastars Car Club Meeting Minutes from March 7, 2004 

                                                                                                                                                                             President Stan Laskowski opened the meeting with 13 members in  attendance. The treasurers report was read and approved.


                                                                                OLD  BUSINESS


    The St. Patricks Day Parade in Scranton  will be held on Saturday, March 13th. We will meet in Redners parking lot on

7th Ave  (Providence Rd exit off the North Scranton Expressway) at  9:00am. After the parade, the club will meet for lunch  at A&W / Long John Silvers on the Scranton / Carbondale Highway on Business Rt. 6 by the Viewmont Mall.


    Cruise dates are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month  - except for the first cruise date of April 24.  The new

location is Arena Billiards at 3512 Birney Ave. in Moosic ( next to K Mart Plaza).  Starting time is 6:00 pm and Stan

Laskowski has volunteered as DJ.


     Wally Tompkins is asking club members to participate in two cruises sponsored by the AACA at Steamtown Mall in

Scranton.  They will be held Wednesday, June 23 and Wednesday, September 22.  Starting time is 6:00 pm and two or three

monetary awards will be given out.


     Liability insurance from Erie Insurance in the amount of $338.00 was approved for payment in three monthly installments.


     Dave Hastie received approval to have new membership cards printed.


     A motion was made by Dave Hastie to make Jim Patterson (owner of the Carriage Inn) a lifetime club member.  Wally      

Tompkins seconded it and motion carried.


                                                                CAR SHOW UPDATE


     Wally Tompkins has ordered trophies and plaques from Superior Trophy at a cost of $825.00.  Dave Hastie has contacted

the Lions Club to sell food at the show.  Sam Garafola will purchase the soda and contact the boy scouts to perform at the

opening ceremony.  Wally Tompkins has confirmation from the ice cream vendor.


     Set-up time for the car show is 7:00 am on Sunday, May 16 at the Carriage Inn, Tunkhannock.  Stan Laskowksi presented

a new field set up sheet to include the new classes that were added this year. 


     Donna Kowalczyk offered to get some press releases put in the local newspapers to promote our car show.  Wally Tompkins

asked if any club members would be able to get our show flyers posted in the New York area, such as at A&A Auto Stores.

DJ Joe Kruz has already started advertising our car show on his morning radio show.


                                                                        New Business


     A family bowling night has been scheduled for Saturday, March 20 at Green Ridge Lanes in Scranton 9:00 pm 12:00 pm.

Wally Tompkins has reserved four lanes which will accommodate five people each.  Cost is $10.00 per person, including shoes.  Any questions, call Wally. If interested, just be there.


     There is a car cruise being held on Friday, April 30 on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre.  More details will be provided at the

next meeting.


     The AACA will be sponsoring a cruise at the Circle Drive-In sometime in July, featuring old time music and movies.  Wally

Tompkins will get more information.


     Jim Sagona, who just last month became a member of our club, has volunteered to set up and maintain a club web site with

free web space. The site URL will be   He plans to post our show flier, photos of  club members vehicles,

the monthly newsletter, an up-to-date membership list, etc.  A big THANK YOU to Jim.


     The next meeting will be held at 1:30 pm on Sunday, April 4  at Stan and Lelani Laskowskis house at 626 N. Hyde Park Ave. in Scranton.


     Meeting was adjourned.


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