Despite the fact that the Scranton, Pennsylvania area is primarily dominated by GM owners, an initial attempt to form an all-Mopar car club in the area started in the Fall of 1993. Joe Walsh and Al Caponigro got together and tried to form the club. The initial group attended some local cruises but never really got organized. The group never even had a name.

     Determined to try again, Al teamed up with Jim Caparo and Stan Laskowski and ran an ad in the local paper to announce the formation of an all-Mopar club. The first meeting occurred on March 26, 1995. There were 33 new members who showed up to form this new club. The name for the club was not decided until the second meeting, which was held on April 30, 1995. Of the five choices presented, the "Pennsylvania Pentastars" name was selected.

     At the April 30th meeting, officers were elected and bylaws were adopted. It was also agreed that the goal of the club would be to bring Mopar lovers in the area together to have fun. The club was formed as, and remains, a family-oriented organization.

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